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How It Works

Cranbrook Food Recovery connects your unused food to local community groups. Your donations support community initiatives, such as free breakfasts for school students, snacks for family groups, meals for seniors, and food for community groups.

  1. Register by contacting us

  2. Tell us details of surplus food available

  3. Set one-time pickup details or create recurring donations for regular rescues

  4. Not-for-profit organizations are screened to confirm food safety practices are in place

  5. Access your account at any time to manage donations



Who gets the food?

All donated food is given to community groups that serve Cranbrook and the surrounding areas.

What kind of food is donated?

Produce, dairy, protein, bread and baked goods, prepared long as your facility handles food safely (up to date health inspections, and in accordance with food safe principles), we welcome the food you'd like to give.

Is there any food we can't donate?

  • leftover food that has been ‘plated’ and served, including salad bar ingredients that are exposed to public touch

  • prepared food that has been in temperature danger zone for 2 hours or more

  • food or drinks with alcohol and/or medicinal ingredients

  • packaged food that’s been opened or has a broken seal

  • sushi

How do we donate food?

Contact us - we will be in touch to figure out the optimal pickup schedule.

Can we donate food from a one-time event?

Yes! As long as food is safely handled, we will arrange a pickup time for the food you didn't use during your event.

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