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Fresh Organic Vegetables

Cranbrook Food Recovery

Food: Meant for Sharing

At Cranbrook Food Recovery we save good food headed to the landfill. We provide local community groups with free food. Join us and become part of our solution!

Check out this quick two minute video to get a peek into our work!



This is where we get to drop some numbers on you! Over the last year, from April of 2022 to March of 2023, we have:


Saved 259,437 lbs of food from the landfill

Apple Harvest

Donated 157,095 lbs of good food to local charities

Free Range Chicken

Donated 102,342 lbs of food to local farmers

Image by Hermes Rivera

Community Meals Created:
23,400 servings

Image by Kim Gorga

Value of Donated Food ($3.21/lb):

Our Roots

Cranbrook Food Recovery was inspired by the people in town who find ways to connect people and food. In June of 2019 we began collecting food that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. We connected that food with local organizations who have been running community programs. By September we were recovering food every day.

Making a Difference

Food goes to waste every day. Lots of food. We are here to help. Cranbrook Food Recovery operates out of our Farm Kitchen location. We pick up food still fit for eating and get it to people and community groups who need it. We hold workshops and workbees to process fresh food into delicious meals. Join us and make a difference!

Volunteer With Us

If you have time to give, and would like to help recover food, turn raw ingredients into delicious meals, or use your unique skills to help our organization, follow the link below to sign up for available volunteer opportunities!


Free Food for Animals

The food we can't give to people is still good for furry or feathered creatures! If you have animals who could eat produce, dairy or bakery, sign up with our partner Foodmesh. Or contact us directly if you have questions about the program.


Got Food?

We provide a reliable, simple, streamlined pickup for businesses wishing to donate food. If you have food to give, check out our donation guidelines. Or contact us today and let us know how we can help you use that bounty!

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Financial Donation

Cranbrook Food Recovery relies on grants, volunteer time, in-kind donations, and support from generous individuals like you. Your gifts helps fund our operations and keep our truck, coolers and kitchen running. Clicking the link below will take you to our page (Community Connections Society of Southeast BC) at
If you'd prefer to donate to us directly, please contact us for more details.


Want Food?

Are you a community organization working with people in Cranbrook and surrounding areas? Do you offer your clients food during your programs? Using recovered food destined for the landfill means your group can offset food costs for your programs. Contact us to learn more about how you can access the food we recover.

Volunteers Packing Food

Contact Cranbrook Food Recovery

209A 16th Ave N


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Cranbrook Food Recovery Partners

Cranbrook Food Recovery benefits greatly from the support and partnership of the following organizations.


Columbia Basin Trust


Save On Foods Cranbrook


Regional District of the East Kootenay




Community Food Centres Canada




Community Connections Society of Southeast BC


Cranbrook Food Bank


The Salvation Army


Sidekick Stickers

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